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Using Flopzilla for Hand Analysis

Video 1: The basics (Link 1)

This video describes the basics of setting up a situation in Flopzilla, such as:
– Entering a range (including weights)
– Entering a board
– Displaying the data in combos
– Bringing up more data on any statistic
– Performing equity calculations

Video 2: The filter system (Link 2)

This video describes how to filter hands from a range by using the blue filter symbols. In this manner you’ll be able to move your analysis to the turn and river.

Video 3: HoldEq – Equity calculator (Link 3)

HoldEq is an equity calculator that comes free with Flopzilla. It is capable of connecting to Flopzilla and import whatever range is selected in it. It can connect to multiple windows of Flopzilla. It can also show the equities for individual starting hands in both a graph and a table.

Bonus video 1: Suit selection

A bonus feature is available that makes it possible to select specific suits in the starting hand matrix.
This is a special feature that is hidden off-screen.


Bonus video 2: The overlap matrix

The overlap matrix is another one of Flopzilla’s hidden features.
It shows the overlap between different statistics.


Bonus video 3: Sharing savefiles with other users

Flopzilla offers a text-based savefile format.
It can by copy pasted into forums, e-mails or on msn, allowing you to easily share your savefiles with other users.


Bonus video 4: The hotness feature

The hotness feature shows how each turn or river card will affect the equities.


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