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GTO RangeBuilder

GTO Postflop Play. Solved.

GTORangeBuilder uses cutting edge mathematics to find game theory optimal strategies for real world poker situations.

Set up flop, turn and river scenarios by entering hand ranges for each player and GTORangeBuilder will compute game theory optimal lines for every hand in every situation.

We Know GTO

We don’t just analyze GTO strategies computationally, we also teach the fundamentals of game theory and mathematics and help players apply that theory to win more money at the tables.

Our GTO Strategy Packs are widely regarded as the definitive study material for players looking to learn GTO. Visit the GTO Dojo to browse the flop solution libary or to purchase GTO strategy packs with expert video analysis.

Put GTO in your game.

GTORangeBuilder shows you optimal strategies in a digestible format that you can easily learn from and apply to your game.

How often should you be c-betting in 3 bet pots? How do you balance your turn check/calling range and check/raising range?

With GTORangeBuilder you don’t need to guess. It will give you precise optimal frequencies that you can use to immediately improve your play.

Accurate. Transparent. Verifiable.

GTORangeBuilder produces results that are 100% reproducible and verifiable.

GTORangeBuilder tells you exactly how accurate every solution is via its Nash Distance. Our results can be verified using other engines such as CREV.

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