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SnG Solver


SnG Solver is an equity calculator and pre-flop strategy analyzer for single-table poker tournaments (a.k.a. Sit ‘n Gos) and the final tables of larger multi-table tournaments.

Poker is getting tougher and tougher as players become more educated. Whether you’re a high-stakes pro or are brand new to the game, you need find a way to get an edge on your opponents.

SnG Solver represents the absolute state-of-the-art in poker strategy analysis and can help you get the edge you’re looking for.

The SnG Solver advantage

In chess, the more moves you can look ahead, the greater your advantage over your opponent. The same is true in poker. Other sit ‘n go programs treat each decision as if it exists in a vacuum without considering that, just because you play or fold the current hand, the tournament is not over yet!

SnG Solver is aware that the blinds move every hand, that maybe there’s a short stack “under-the-gun” that’s feeling the the pressure to play a wide range, and that you need to adjust accordingly.

By correctly considering these kinds of situations (and many others), SnG Solver gains an undeniable edge on its competition. Using SnG Solver to hone your game will give you an edge on your competition.

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