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Using ICMIZER 2 for Calculations

In this video Gripsed teaches you how to get your short stack play perfect! Thanks to the powerful software ICMIZER, you can see mathematically just how profitable shoving with certain hands is and just how profitable calling with certain hands is.

No longer do you have to try to work things our with a Pencil and Paper, ICMIZER takes all the brute force work out of the picture so you can simply click ‘calculate’ and learn from the results generated.

By the end of this video you will have a good idea of how to use ICMIZER, so that you can move beyond push/fold Charts and really adjust your shoving and calling ranges to every unique situation that presents itself. But that’s not all…

Gripsed also discusses the additional factors that software’s simply can’t factor into their calculations. These intangible factors that only a human intelligence can understand are what really takes the decision making process to an elite level. Learn to let the machines work for you, while also doing your part to figure out the perfect play for every tournament poker situation!

Link 2

Jonathan Little uses ICMizer’s SNG Coach feature for the first time

Link 3

Introduction to ICMIZER 2. Contains the most important information about our Nash calculator and covers most of the functionality available in ICMIZER 2.

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